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The VALO Story​​​​​​​

Since its introduction in 2009, VALO has proven to be not only the most powerful light on the market, but, due to the ergonomic design of the wand-style body and the large footprint of the curing head, the most consistent, durable, and user-friendly.

A landmark study published in the Journal of the American Dental Association revealed that 37% of all composite restorations are not adequately cured.1 When we set out to create our own curing light, we knew it had to address the issues that contribute to this. So we designed VALO to provide superior power, allow unprecedented access in the oral cavity, and deliver the broad-spectrum wavelengths of light that will polymerize any dental material. With the clinician in mind, it was also a must to ensure unprecedented durability to withstand a busy office environment. That’s why we manufacture VALO from high-grade aluminum and treat it with a hard coating to ensure long-lasting quality and ease of cleaning.

The award-winning line of VALO curing lights now includes the original VALO, VALO Cordless, VALO Ortho, and VALO Ortho Cordless. Each one offers a unique combination of features that allows dental professionals to consistently deliver the right power in the right place.

1. Fan PL, Schumacher RM, Azzolin K, Geary R, Eichmiller FC. Curing-light intensity and depth of cure of resin-based composites tested according to international standards. J Am Dent Assoc. 2002;133(4):429-34; quiz 491-3.

the right design

The first of its kind, VALO starts as a solid bar of tempered, high-grade, aircraft aluminum, which is CNC precision milled at Ultradent's facility in Utah, USA.

VALO being machined from a solid bar of tempered metal VALO is CNC precision milled

True uni-body construction via machining ensures VALO's durability and unsurpassed heat dissipation, and facilitates the elegant, ergonomic, and streamlined design that enables VALO to access areas other curing lights simply cannot reach.​


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