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​​​​VALO Reviews​​​​​​

Besides garnering attention from professional dental organizations, VALO has won the trust of doctors everywhere. See what some dentists have to say about VALO and why it has become their dental curing light of choice.​​
  • Dr. Flucke

    "For my money, on the market right now, this is the best light there is.”

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  • Dr. Dansie

    "I don't like VALO—I LOVE VALO!"

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  • Dr. Quayle

    "It feels like a handpiece—very tiny, easy to hold, and easy to manipulate."

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  • Dr. Bronson

    "It cures everything I point it at!"

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  • Creekside Dental

    "Fantastic light. I've used VALO about a year now and the access to posterior teeth is so much easier. The cure is great. I don't worry about weakening batteries and worsening cure anymore. It works well with CEREC."

    5 stars(5/5)
  • Dr. Cook

    "The VALO Ortho is definitely the biggest breakthrough we have implemented in our office's bonding process. I now have access to a high power, 3-second cure at each chair and never have to worry about locating my older cordless versions or hoping they will be charged enough to finish the procedure! The VALO Ortho has also proven to be a major time saver, not only due to the rapid cure time but also because its sleek design allows easy access to all posterior teeth and is very comfortable to the patient. With new advances like the Xtra Power Quadrant mode, which provides curing of an entire quadrant with a single press of the button, I can't wait to see what they will come up with next."

    5 stars(5/5)
  • Dr. John Flucke

    The Valo Cordless is a state of the art curing device. It performs incredibly well and sets every type of material on the market. If you want to be sure you are doing your best bonded restorations, you need the Valo.

    5 stars(5/5)
  • Dr. Upatham

    “We love the new VALO Ortho. The quadrant mode and one-second delay are great enhancements for the orthodontist. We have become even more efficient. Thanks for making the VALO even better!”

    5 stars(5/5)
  • Lance C. Brimhall, DDS

    “When we got the Ultralume curing lights, we thought that it couldn't get any better than that. The very day the sales rep came to our office and told us about the VALO light I knew it would be a great product just because of our experience with Ultradent's products and the Ultralume, so I ordered one. Just as I thought, it can't get any better than this! We have them in all our operatories now. As I told everyone at the seminar in Cancun in February, anyone that is aware of the VALO and doesn't have one is a bonehead."

    4 stars(4/5)

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