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​​VALO  - Perguntas e Respostas

Veja as respostas para algumas das perguntas mais freqüentes sobre VALO, VALO Cordless e VALO Ortho. Ainda tem dúvidas? Envie um e-mail através do link "Fale Conosco"  que responderemos o mais breve possível.
  • »VALO/VALO Cordless - view details

    • »What will happen if I use a different brand of battery in VALO Cordless than the manufacturer’s brand? - view details

      All CR123A batteries listed in our instructions are safe to use. We do not recommend using other batteries as they have not been tested or approved.
    • »What cleaning agents may I use to clean my VALO/VALO Cordless? - view details

      To clean your VALO, VALO Cordless, or VALO Ortho, you should use Cavicide™ products, Isopropyl alcohol based cleaners, Ethy alcohol based cleaners, Lysol™ disinfectant, or other non-bleach, non-abrasive cleaners. Simply wipe VALO down; do not submerge it in any of these substances.
    • »What is VALO/VALO Cordless’s depth of cure? - view details

      Depth of cure is more dependent on the type of composite being cured than the light being used. However, for maximum effectiveness we recommend curing at 2mm increments, regardless of which mode you are in.
    • »How does your Xtra Power (Plasma Emulation) mode compare to Plasma Arc lights? - view details

      Plasma Emulation mode and Plasma Arc lights offer similar intensity, allowing you to shorten exposure time. They differ in that VALO costs significantly less than a Plasma Arc light, does not take up as much room, and doesn’t need bulb replacements.
    • »How much more will my composite shrink when I use the Xtra Power (Plasma Emulation) mode? - view details

      Regardless of how a composite is cured, it will only shrink the amount it was designed to by the manufacturer. The amount of stress applied will differ from a standard mode to higher intensity modes, but this can be overcome with different placement methods (see, “How can I eliminate as much stress as possible when using the higher intensity modes?”).
    • »How can I eliminate as much stress as possible when using the higher intensity modes? - view details

      There are a few accepted methods for reducing stress to the composite when using higher intensity modes:
      1. Place composite in increments, with a maximum thickness of 2mm.
      2. Wedge the composite increments to decrease the amount of tooth surfaces being cured at one time.
    • »How long will the battery on VALO Cordless last? - view details

      Charged VALO batteries will last about 400 cure cycles or about 1 week on average. The battery can be charged 1000 – 2000 times before a replacement may be needed.
    • »How does the battery charge work on VALO Cordless? Will I lose intensity if the charge starts fading? - view details

      Even when the charge starts fading on your VALO Cordless batteries, the power intensity remains the same. If you use the same batteries for a VERY extended time period, the battery life will wear down and they will simply need to be charged more frequently (similar to a cell phone); however, the power intensity will remain the same, always.
    • »Can I use non-rechargeable batteries in my VALO Cordless? - view details

      Yes, you may use non-rechargeable batteries in your VALO Cordless. If you choose this option, you will get approximately 2x the number of cures out of the battery and then must dispose of it properly and replace it with a new battery. DO NOT recharge non-rechargeable batteries.
    • »What do I do if my batteries appear to be charged but the VALO light indicates low battery? - view details

      If your VALO Cordless batteries appear to be charged but the VALO Cordless light indicates a low battery, try one of the following:
      1. Remove the back cap and re-fasten.
      2. Try a different set of batteries that you know are charged.
    • »How do Standard, High Power, and Xtra Power (Plasma Emulation) mode differ? Which mode should I use? - view details

      VALO offers three modes — Standard, High Power, and Xtra Power (Plasma Emulation) — to provide you with maximum flexibility when curing.

      Standard mode is our basic mode of operation (1,000 mW/cm2) and is a great choice for a more classic, conservative cure.

      High Power mode (1,400 mW/cm2) is more powerful than Standard mode and shortens the curing time by several seconds on average.

      Xtra Power (Plasma Emulation) mode is our most powerful mode (3,200 mW/cm2). It offers similar intensity to Plasma Arc lights and is ideal if you are interested in or currently using a Plasma Arc curing light. It is especially effective in situations where you need to cure as quickly as possible, such as when curing a sealant on an uncooperative child or when trying to cure in a difficult-to-reach area.

      As a quick example of the difference in time between modes, a recommended 10-second cure in Standard mode would take two 4-second cures in High Power mode, for a total of 8 seconds. The same cure would take 3 seconds in Xtra Power (Plasma Emulation) mode, shaving 7 seconds off the Standard mode cure and 5 seconds off the High Power mode cure.

      Please consult our curing time cards, on the techniques page , for recommended curing times in each mode. And rest assured that no matter which mode you choose to use, VALO will cure effectively and efficiently every time.

  • »VALO Ortho - view details

    • »How does Xtra Power Quadrant mode work? - view details

      Xtra Power Quadrant mode is unique to VALO Ortho and allows you to quickly cure 5 teeth, or one quadrant of the mouth, with the touch of a button.

      Xtra Power Quadrant mode is equipped with 3,200 mW/cm2 and delivers five 3-second cures in a quick burst. After you press the power button once, VALO Ortho illuminates, curing for 3 seconds, followed by a short 1.5 second delay during which you can move to the next tooth. VALO Ortho then re-illuminates, delivering another 3-second burst, followed by another 1.5 second delay. This process repeats five times so that you can cure five teeth in a row with minimal effort.
    • »Should I purchase a VALO or a VALO Cordless? - view details

      Both VALO and VALO Cordless are excellent lights. Each one offers broadband LED curing with 3 power modes and timing options. In addition, each one offers unique benefits. The light you choose depends upon which of these benefits suits your needs best.
      The cord on the original VALO is made with Kevlar strands for durability and ease of movement. The cord allows the wand body to remain exceptionally slim and lightweight because it does not have to house batteries. Some practitioners prefer the corded version for the convenience of having a constant power supply and because they never have to worry about re-charging or replacing batteries.

      VALO Cordless features the same award-winning curing technology as VALO, but in a cordless, battery-operated wand body. It was designed for those practitioners who prefer the freedom that only comes with a cordless hand piece. The batteries for VALO Cordless were selected for their consistent power output, battery life, and battery expectancy. The batteries will last more than 1,000 recharge cycles and approximately 400 cures before needing to be recharged. They are convenient to find, safe, and inexpensive, making the VALO Cordless your best option in a battery operated curing light.

      We are confident that whichever VALO you choose, you will be happy with your decision!
    • »Is it true that VALO Ortho works when pointed over the labial face of the bracket? - view details

      Yes. VALO Ortho’s 10mm lens has a large footprint that allows you to quickly and easily cure from over the top of the labial face of the bracket.
      The light from the lens covers the bracket and surrounding enamel, illuminating through the enamel and bouncing off of the dentin to cure the resin underneath the bracket. This technique eliminates the need to reposition the light and cure from different angles; however, if you prefer to cure interproximally, from the mesial/distal sides of the bracket, you will still get a quality cure!
    • »Does VALO Ortho work for general dental procedures? - view details

      Yes, VALO Ortho works on general dental procedures. It is equipped with Standard mode and Xtra Power (Plasma Emulation) mode, both of which come on our VALO and VALO Cordless curing lights and are used routinely for everyday dental procedures.
    • »What cleaning agents may I use to clean my VALO Ortho? - view details

      To clean your VALO, VALO Cordless, or VALO Ortho, you should use Cavicide™ products, Isopropyl alcohol based cleaners, Ethy alcohol based cleaners, Lysol™ disinfectant, or other non-bleach, non-abrasive cleaners. Simply wipe VALO Ortho down; do not submerge it in any of these substances.